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Make a spore syringe

Make a spore syringe

How to make Make a spore syringe | psilocybe cubensis spores

Make your own spore syringes with these great products. Just bring in your own spore print and work sterile. We’ll supply the rest.

Syringe 10ml with Needle. Sterile packaged syringe can be used for spores conservation and injection in cakes and grow kits.
Comes with needle.

Once you have collected spore prints from your magic mushrooms, it‘s time to make spore syringes. Essentially, the syringe consists of a mix of sterile water and spores that are used to start the germination of your next batch of shrooms.

Hydration of spores is an important process before mushroom breeding can begin, because dry spores are very unlikely to germinate. That is one reason why spore syringes are convenient to use; the spores are naturally hydrated and ready to go.


  1. Start out by sterilising your water and glass beaker. Fill the beaker about half way with water and then cover the top with tin foil so no air can get in.
  2. Place the bottle in your pressure cooker and heat it until it reaches 15psi. Once you have reached pressure, lower the temperature so that it is maintained for about 30 minutes.
  3. Turn off the heat completely after 30 minutes and allow the water to cool to room temperature. That‘s very important, if you proceed while the water is still hot, you run a huge risk of killing the spores. It should take a few hours to completely cool, but it‘s easiest to let it sit over night.
  4. Now you are ready to make the spore syringes. Sterilise your tweezers and scalpel in a flame.


General information about the A-Strain Psilocybe Cubensis strain:

Origin: Unknown, Mutation of A+ strain (by Mr. G., “Creator” of the B+)
Caps:  Size 25-35+ mm, pale white to yellowish (when in light) sometimes with a ‘nipple’.
Stem: 40-120 + mm, White (yellow) color. Turns blue when touched.
Spore: Dark brown.1.5–17 x 8–11 µm, subellipsoid, basidia 4-spored
Substrate: Brown Rice Flour, PF Tek, Rye grain. Also Dung, Straw and compost

Comment: Almost white, but not a real albino. Keep in a darker spot to keep the Albino looks.

Albino A+  psilocybe cubensis spore print

The mushroom Spore prints are made on sterile foil which is stored in sterile ziplock bag and kept under refrigerated conditions. Each spore print has a tiny scratch of spores removed from the print. With this swab a test run on agar or liquid culture is made to check the conditions of the spores. Only spores that germinate are released as a print.

Store Spore Spore print refrigerated between 2*C-8*C Celsius or 35*F-46*F Fahrenheit. A mushroom Spore print can be stored for


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