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Dried Magic mushroom - Psychedelic Mushroom

Dried Magic mushroom - Psychedelic Mushroom

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Penis Envy is one of the most famous magic mushrooms strains. Maybe you are thinking that this is just because the name and shape are so remarkable, but this is not the main reason. The Penis Envy is a powerful variety of the cubensis mushroom, very appreciated by many.

The penis envy is one of the most notorious strains of psilocybe cubensis out there. Its strange name comes from its distinctly phallic shape, but in addition to its whimsical appearance and nomenclature, the penis envy is respected as one of the most psychotropical potent mushrooms available in usa.

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Advanced growers tend to say: “Cubensis is cubensis is cubensis. They do differ slightly in appearing and growing results, but potency is the same.” Except for the Penis Envy! It stands out in active ingredient count but it is rather challenging to cultivate, especially collecting its spores is a challenging task. We have them on stock rarely, but when we do: oh boy! Only advanced mycologists.

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